Personal essay for uc application

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UC Personal Insight Questions Examples

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UC Application Essay Prompts 2017-2018

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21 Tips for UC Personal Insight Questions and Essays

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Important note: The University of California admissions folks would like me (and you!) to refer to these prompts as “personal insight questions” instead of “essays” or "UC personal statement".

UC Essay Example: Personal Insight Question #1

Why? Sometimes students associate the word “essay” with an academic assignment and that is not (as you’ll see below) what the UCs are looking for. Eight essay prompts (which the UC application calls “personal insight questions”) are offered.

UC Application Essay Prompts 2017-2018

You answer four; there is no right answer about which ones you choose. You only have words to Location: Los Angeles, CA USA. To apply, here are the UC essay prompts you can expect. Students choose 4 out of the 8 total UC essay prompts and respond with word answers.

The prompts were updated as recently as last year, so we can anticipate no change for the application. To apply, here are the UC essay prompts you can expect.

Students choose 4 out of the 8 total UC essay prompts and respond with word answers. The prompts were updated as recently as last year, so we can anticipate no change for the application season. Personal Insight Questions The personal insight questions are about getting to know you better — your life experience, interests, ambitions and inspirations.

Think of it as your interview with the Admissions office. In answering the UC application personal insight questions, you must use specific examples, which will support your points in the answers.

You must use “I” statements. Remember that they want to know your accomplishments, talents, and personality.

Personal essay for uc application
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