Marc-antoine laugier essay on architecture

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An essay on architecture

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Vitruvius was a First century BC architect who wrote the oldest extant book [Decem Libris]on architecture. These 10 Books have been interpreted and studied on a nearly daily basis since [see for example, VITRUVIUS WRITING THE BODY OF ARCHITECTURE, MIT by Indra McEwin].

Western architecture - Gothic Revival, c. –c. The architectural movement most commonly associated with Romanticism is the Gothic Revival, a term first used in England in the midth century to describe buildings being erected in the style of the Middle Ages and later expanded to embrace the entire Neo-Gothic movement.

The date of its beginning is not easy to pinpoint, for, even.

An Essay on Architecture

“High in the Pyrenees Mountains,” we read, “deep in abandoned mines, scientists discovered peculiar black shells that seem to crop up of their own accord on metal surfaces.”.

Of course Laugier is no architect and I couldn't help but disagree with some of the ideas that was put forward in the book, however, this book is a good read regardless.

The ideas that you disagree with tend to develop and support the ideas that you do agree with. This translation uses the text of the original edition. It also includes additions made by Laugier for the edition of as well as the Avertissement for that edition, which contains Laugier's rebuttal to his critics.

The Primitive Hut has become a shorthand statement of principle that defines essential elements of architecture.

Abandoned Mines, Slow Printing, and the Living Metal Residue of a Post-Human World

Often, the phrase is "Laugier's Primitive Hut." Marc-Antoine Laugier () was a French Jesuit priest who rejected the opulence of Baroque architecture prevalent in his lifetime.


Marc-antoine laugier essay on architecture
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