Data warehouse case study teradata magazine

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Teradata Statistics – A Case Study

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Teradata Data Warehouse – End of Useful Life

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Teradata Applications on Azure SQL DW. Instantly.

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Download or view white papers, webinars, data sheets, reports, case studies etc. At the same time, their Teradata® Data Warehouse installation was approaching the end-of-useful life, and they were facing a floor sweep of their data warehouse appliances. In the course of their research, the customer recognized an opportunity to meet the mandate to modernize IT infrastructure by replacing their existing data warehouse.

Case Study Large Financial Services Institution Accelerates Data Warehouse Analytics Learn how Teradata and Attunity Visibility helped a large financial services institution monitor and control the performance of shared data warehouse resources.

Much of Travelocity's success is credited to its innovative use of a Teradata enterprise data warehouse (EDW), which has been at the heart of its efforts since Register | Log Teradata Magazine-September top: More Case Studies. Feb 08,  · Roland Wenzlofsky is a graduated computer scientist and Data Warehouse professional working with the Teradata database system for more than 15 years.

He is experienced in the fields of banking and telecommunication with a strong focus on performance optimization/5(7). Bob Dolmovich, vice president of business integration and data architecture, right, and Kyle Prescott, database administrator, share how foresight for future use of the Teradata Warehouse allows it to fill very different roles at Unum Group.

Data warehouse case study teradata magazine
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